Male Rogue (Vanderforge)



Male Rogue/Thief/Swashbuckler archetype with several different hairstyles, mustaches, beards, headgear, and weapon combinations as well as fully customizable colors.

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The iconic rogue is a staple of every fantasy tabletop RPG! This
token allows you to create hundreds of different archetypes for all your dastardly deeds! Sneaky thief? Jaded mercenary? Dashing swashbuckler? Scrappy duelist? Whether creating a memorable NPC, a standard
background one, or your beloved playable character, we’ve got you

You can customize this token’s headgear, hair style,
mustache, beard, eye color, and torso. You can treat each arm and leg
individually, and we offer well over a dozen different weapons for the
left and right hand, in addition to a few cloak and shield options.

with all of our tokens, whenever we create any additional assets like
weapons, cloaks, shields, etc. for any future tokens we’ll add them to
this one as well (as long as those assets fit with this token’s theme)

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