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Free Adventure (Reign of Iron) + Kickstarter info!

I am so incredibly pleased to let you all know about this brilliant Kickstarter launching on Tuesday the 1st of June! I’ve personally playtested some of it and I honestly can’t wait to get the full version along with some beautiful dice (You can never have enough dice).

Make sure you check out the free one shot adventure attached to this post to try a sample for yourself!!

The artwork by the talented Loot Tavern and Jess Jackdaw is absolutely gorgeous and the brilliant adventure comes from the brilliant Humperdinks Wares!

Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting is a 300-page tome packed with exciting new content  to let your enhance your DnD game. Discover lethally thrilling adventures, rules for tracking, harvesting, and crafting, and a humongous hoard of fully-illustrated items, monsters, spells, and player options within these blood-splattered pages. Battle lethal, multi-stage boss monsters and forge fantastic new items and familiars from their remains.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • 3 modular rule systems for tracking, harvesting, and crafting;
  • 10 adventures, each playable at three levels;
  • 10 friendly familiars;
  • 40+ original spells;
  • 50+ new monsters;
  • 150+ fully-illustrated items;
  • 200+ characterful random encounters.

Back Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting on Kickstarter now! Follow the project here before the hunt ends!

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