The token vault was created to allow players and game masters to be able to edit tokens without any trouble of using image editing software.

Want to change your tokens hairstyle/armour? You can do it! How about finding a new weapon for your character in game? You can change it!

Are you all too used to fighting a band of goblins that all look exactly the same? Why not randomly generate 10 for your next encounter in just a few seconds? You can easily do that too!

Make sure you try out one of the free tokens in our trial editor and then take a look at the huge range of miniatures available in the store!


As a team of 2 brothers both working extremely hard towards making the Token Vault as good as it possibly can be, any support received is greatly appreciated. We also have a team of incredibly hard working artists striving to create top quality work for you all to enjoy at reasonable prices!

We are also working on a subscription model through Patreon which will be launching in March 2021. Again, we will be keeping prices as low as possible and will offer you the chance to build your portfolio with some art from each of the artists involved

Try our editor free of charge here and if you like what you see, please support us by supporting our project by purchasing some of the awesome tokens in our store!

“I more or less tried to fling money ar my monitor”

Initial feedback of our promo video


For artists that like the idea and would like to get involved with the project, please send a small portfolio of your work by email to ryan@the-token-vault.com. We take all artists seriously from well known artists to new ones just starting out.